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Red's Ice House August Live Music Schedule

Date Posted: August 1st, 2016

Shem Creek

8/1-Jamisun  6-9pm
8/4-LDP  6-9pm
8/5-Midnight City  9:30-12:30
8/6-Paperwork  9:30-12:30
8/7-LDP  5-8pm
8/8-David Higgins  6-9pm
8/11-LDP  6-9pm
8/12-Soul Fish  9:30-12:30
8/13-Ellen Drive  9:30-12:30
8/14-LDP  5-8pm
8/15-Day Job  6-9pm
8/18-LDP  6-9pm
8/19-Melted Velvet  9:30-12:30
8/20-Not So Serious  9:30-12:30
8/21-LDP  5-8pm
8/22-Howard Dlugasch  6-9pm
Nash Fm Summer Concert series w/ Chris Lane
                                                              Mitchelle Lee
                                                              Smoking Guns
8/26-Soul Fish  9:30-12:30
8/27-Lauren Hall Band  9:30-12:30
8/28-LDP  5-8pm
8/29-Nathan Salley


BoHicket Marina

8/1-Andrew Beam  6-9pm
8/5-Day Job  7-10pm
8/6-The Krays  7-10pm
8/7-Gracious Day  5:30-8:30pm
8/8-Howard Dlugasch  6-9pm
8/12-Ellen Drive  7-10pm
8/13-Soul Fish  7-10pm
8/14-Day Job  (duo)  5-8pm
8/15-Gracious Day  6-9pm
8/19-DJ Moo Moo  9:00-12:00
8/20-Whiskey Diablo  7-10pm
8/21-Token Mary  5-8pm
8/22-Mitch Wetherington  6-9pm
8/26-Lauren Hall Band  7-10pm
8/27-Soul Fish  7-10pm
8/28-Smoking Guns  7-10pm
8/29-David Higgins  6-9pm


Spend 4th of July Weekend at Red's

Date Posted: June 29th, 2016

If there was ever a holiday made for Red's Ice House it is the Fourth of July...it's the RED'S WHITE and BLUE Holiday! Come sit out on our great big deck overlooking Shem Creek with an ice cold beer and a bunch of delicious local shrimp or an All-American brew and a burger or foot long hot dog for $10 bucks!

Shem Creek and Bohicket Marina will also have great live music all weekend long. On July 4th, Chase Martin will be playing at Shem Creek. On Sunday night, we're rockin the dock in Mount Pleasant with live music by Quinten Ravenel and Friends.

The Fourth of July means fireworks and you've got yourself a front row seat in the treehouse bar or our new tiki bar at Shem Creek! We're declaring our independence from Crab Leg Night on the Fourth of July. But don't worry, we're dong our all-you-can-eat extravanganza on Tuesday, July 5th. Time to celebrate the All American way at Red's Icehouse in Mt. Pleasant and Bohicket Marina. Happy Birthday America!

Red's Ice House July Live Music Schedule

Date Posted: June 28th, 2016

Shem Creek

7/1-Tokyo Joe  9:30-12:30
7/2-Soul Fish  10:00-1:00am
7/3-Quentin Ravenel and Friends  9:30-12:30
7/4-Chase Martin  8:00-11:00
Nash Fm Summer Concert series w/ Chuck Wicks
                                                             and Brady Smith

7/8-Dan's Tramp Stamp and the Money Baggs  9:30-12:30
7/9-Bootless  9:30-12:30
7/10-LDP  5-8pm
7/11-Nathan Salley  6-9pm
7/14-LDP  6-9pm
7/15-Spunjwurthi  9:30-12:30
7/16-Smoking Guns  9:30-12:30
7/17-Irie Ites  7-10pm
7/18-Jamisun  6-9pm
7/21-LDP  6-9pm
7/22-Midnight City  9:30-12:30
7/23-Not So Serious  9:30-12:30
7/24-LDP  5-8pm
7/25-Dave Landeo Band  9:30-12:30
7/28-LDP  6-9pm
7/29-Soul Fish  10-1am
7/30-Lauren Hall Band  9:30-12:30
7/31-Justin and Randall  5-8pm


BoHicket Marina

7/1-Return of the Mac  7-10pm
7/2-Paperwork  7-10pm
7/3-Jamisun  7-10pm
7/4-Quentin Ravenel and Friends  6-9pm
7/8-Smoking Guns  6-9pm
7/9-The Goodtime Trio  7-10pm
7/10-Dave Landeo  5-8pm
7/11-Jamisun  6-9pm
7/15-Whiskey Diablo  7-10pm
7/16-Tidal Jive  7-10pm
7/17-Lauren Hall Band  5-8pm
7/18-Howard Dlugasch  6-9pm
7/22-Dayjob  7-10pm
7/23-Taco Donkey  7-10pm
7/24-Smoking Guns  5-8pm
7/25-Nathan Salley  6-9pm
7/29-Lauren Hall Band  7-10pm
7/30-Ellen Drive  7-10pm
7/31-Don't Mess with the Tiger  5-8pm



Spend Father's Day at Red's!

Date Posted: June 14th, 2016

Forget about the white table clothes and fru-fru food. Dads don't like that fru-fru stuff. Give dad a day in the fresh air, sunshine and with some good food and a great bloody mary. So bring dad to Red's this Sunday, let the friendly folks at Red's cook him a great big burger or perfect Grouer Sandwich. There's a terrific selection of craft brews to try and a great big dose of the beautiful outdoors. And since it's a special day for dad, we're giving away two tickets to see Travis Tritt live at The Grove on June 23rd. We can't think of a better way to spend the weekend- family and friends, fresh air and good music from Return of the Mac Sunday afternoon at Red's Ice House on Shem Creek and in Bohicket Marina. Happy Father's Day!

Red's Ice House June Live Music Schedule

Date Posted: June 1st, 2016

Check out our Live Music Schedule for June at Red's Ice House!

Shem Creek


6/2-LDP 6-9pm
6/3-Melted Velvet  9:30-12:30
6/4-MOZO  9:30-12:30
6/5-Operation Irie  5-8                  Taco Takeover with Taco Donkey @ T&T  4-7pm
6/6-Molly Durnin  6-9
6/7-Brady Smith 7:30-10:30          Party at the Park after party
6/9-Midnight City  9:30-12:30
6/10-Dan's Tramp Stamp and the Money Baggs  9:30-12:30
6/11-Dave Landeo Band  9:30-12:30
6/12-LDP  5-8
6/13-David Higgins  6-9
6/14-Tyler Boone  7:30-10:30       Party at the Park after party
6/16-LDP  6-9
6/17-Not So Serious  9:30-12:30
6/18-Lauren Hall Band  9:30-12:30
6/19-Return of the Mac  6:30-9:30
6/20-Jamisun  6-9
6/21-Chase Martin  7:30-10:30     Party at the Park after party
6/23-LDP  6-9
6/24-Trea Landon (Nashville recording artist)  9:30-12:30
6/25-Tyler Boone  9:30-12:30
6/26-LDP  5-8
6/27-Dave Landeo  6-9
6/28-Lauren Hall  7:30-10:30       Party at the Park after party
6/30-LDP  6-9

Bohicket Marina

6/3-The Island Hoppers  7-10pm
6/4-Gracious Day            7-10pm
6/5-Smoking Guns           5-8pm                 
6/6-David Higgins            6-9pm
6/10-DJ Moo Moo            9-12
6/11-Whiskey Diablo        7-10pm
6/12-Dave Landeo           5-8pm
6/13-Jamisun                   6-9pm
6/17-Smoking Guns         6-9pm
6/18-Mozo                        7-10pm
6/19-Mitch Wetherington  5-8pm
6/20-Nathan Salley           6-9pm
6/24-The Goodtime Trio    7-10pm
6/25-Lauren Hall Band      7-10pm
6/26-Day Job                    4-7pm
6/27-Molly Durnin              6-9pm