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Spend Memorial Day Weekend at Red's Ice House!

Date Posted: May 24th, 2016

Ahh...Memorial Day Weekend. Everyone knows it's the official kickoff of the summer season. Or as we call it, Red's season. So the folks at Red's Ice House are making the most of this long weekend. We've got your favorite bands like Soulfish on Saturday night and a double header on Sunday with The Larry David Project Project early and Not So Serious on Sunday night. Eat some shrimp, watch the race and toast the brave folks that gave their lives for your freedom. You can register all weekend to win tickets to see The Revivalists live at The Grove. And if you are out near Bohicket, catch Dan's Tramp Stamp on Saturday night and Token Mary on Sunday. Get ready because Chef Beau Macmillan is coming for a taco takeover of the docks on Shem Creek on Sunday, June 5th.

Red's Ice House May Live Music Schedule

Date Posted: May 4th, 2016

Check out our Live Music Schedule for May at Red's Ice House!

Shem Creek

5/1-LDP  5-8pm
5/2-Luke Cunningham  6-9pm
5/5-Quentin Ravenel  5-8pm
5/6-Dan's Tramp Stamp and the Money Baggs  9:30pm
5/7-David Higgins  9:30pm
5/8-The Irie Ites  5-8pm
5/9-Molly Durnin  6-9pm
5/12-Justin and Randall  6:30-9:30pm
5/13-Undercover Brother  9:30pm
5/14-The Secrets  9:30
5/15-LDP  5-8pm
5/16-Dave Landeo  6-9pm
5/20-Tokyo Joe  9:30pm
5/21-The Nightcaps  9:30pm
5/22-The Irie Ites  5-8pm
5/23-Nathan Salley  6-9pm
5/26-LDP  6-9pm
5/28-Soul Fish  10pm
5/29-LDP  5-8pm
5/29-Not So Serious  9:30pm
5/30-David Higgins Band  4-7pm



5/2-Dave Landeo  6-9pm
5/5-Ben Fagan and the Holy City Hooligans
5/6-Luke Cunningham  7-10pm
5/7-Ashley Bernaducci (Duo)  7-10pm
5/8-Molly Durnin  4-7pm
5/9-David Higgins  6-9pm
5/13-Mozo  7-10pm
5/14-The Goodtime Trio  7-10pm
5/16-Nathan Salley  6-9pm
5/20-Smoking Guns (Duo)  6-9pm
5/21-Lauren Hall  7-10pm
5/23-Molly Durnin  6-9pm
5/27-Dave Landeo  7-10pm
5/28-Dan's Tramp Stamp  7-10pm
5/29-Token Mary  6-9
5/30-Pick n' Roll  4-7pm


Mother's Day Duck Race 2016

Date Posted: April 21st, 2016

This Mother's Day, Red's Ice House and Tavern & Table are sponsoring a Rubber Duck Race on Shem Creek to benefit the Hollings Cancer Center. The ducks cost $50 and all of the money collected will go towards women's cancer research. It's going to be A LOT of fun! Bring your Mom to Red's for brunch, and around 12:30pm we'll drop the ducks into the water. The first duck to reach the finish line wins big prizes. You can even come early and decorate your duck! To purchase a duck you can come to Red's Ice House on Shem Creek or Bohicket Marina, or go online to Hollings Cancer Center. Don't miss out on this chance to give your Mom a wonderful day to remember! 

Masters Week at Red's Ice House

Date Posted: April 6th, 2016

All it takes is one ray of sunshine, one glimmer of warmer weather and everyone's thoughts turn to Red's. Red's Ice House is where spring gets sprung. Just picture this: you're sitting on the deck looking at the water with an ice cold beer in one and a giant signature burger in the other. On Saturday night we're partying with DJ Natty Heavy and every golfer knows that it's Masters Weekend. So if you like to watch golf, we'll have it on TV and if you like to play golf we're having a putting contest on the docks at Shem Creek this Saturday and Sunday. If you're the best putter, you have the chance to win tickets to The Heritage on Hilton Head.

Red's Ice House April Live Music Schedule

Date Posted: March 30th, 2016

Check out our Live Music Schedule for April at Red's Ice House!

Shem Creek

4/1-The Orange Constant 9pm-12
4/2-Soul Fish 9pm-12
4/3-LDP 5-8pm
4/4-Nathan Salley 6-9pm
4/7-LDP 6-9pm
4/8-Ellen Drive 9pm-12
4/9-Not So Serious 9pm-12
4/10-Token Mary 4-7pm
4/11-David Higgins 6-9pm
4/14-LDP 6-9pm
4/15-Soul Fish 9pm-12
4/16-Smoking Guns 9pm-12
4/17-LDP 5-8pm
4/18-Molly Durnin 6-9pm
4/21-LDP 6-9pm
4/22-The Secrets 9pm-12
4/23-Lauren Hall 9pm-12
4/24-Irie Ites 4-7pm
4/25-Dave Landeo 6-9pm
4/28-LDP 6-9pm
4/29-Mozo 9pm-12
4/30-Midnight City 9pm-12


4/2-Mozo 7-10pm
4/4-David Collins (Duo) 6-9pm
4/8-DJ Natty Heavy 9pm-12
4/11-Dave Landeo 6-9pm
4/15-Luke Cunningham (Duo) 7-10pm
4/16-Lauren Hall Band 7-10pm
4/18-David Higgins 6-9pm
4/23-Will Goss Band 7-10pm
4/25-Nathan Salley 6-9pm
4/29-Dave Landeo 7-10pm
4/30-Token Mary 7-10pm